We treat your personal dates with the maximum care and we use them exclusively to establish a booking agreement and/or to help you find the best apartment according to your situation.

Which dates do we collect?

We collect dates in 2 ways:

1. Personal dates for establishing a booking agreement: to make a booking we will aks for your name, address, telephone number and email address. We need these dates to establish the booking agreement. We will share these dates exclusively with the property manager to finalise your booking. We do not share your dates with anyone else and we will not use them for promotional purposes without your consent.

2. Anonymous dates through our website: we collect anonymous dates to analyse our website performance for the purpose of improving our website and services. These dates are completely anonymous and do not include names, addresses, birth dates or other personal dates. To collect these dates we use Google Analytics.

How do we keep your dates?

We keep your dates save in a secured environment which is accessible only by our company.

How long do we keep your dates?

We keep your personal dates until 1 year after your holiday. Anonymous dates will be kept for 200 days and will then be cancelled automaticaly.

Do you have any questions?

We are here to answer them!

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