San Siro is located on the western shores of Lake Como, 10 kilometers north of Menaggio. It’s a collection of 18 old villages of which Rezzonico, Santa Maria and Acquaseria are most popular among tourists.

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Breathtaking views

San Siro is made up of 18 villages on the shores and in the hills above Lake Como. The villages are connected by trails and roads. The villages higher up in the hills do not attract many tourists but if you like exploring authentic places that stayed unaltered over time and breathtaking views of the lake, you definitely should! If you just want to relax and enjoy, you will love the villages down on the shore with their narrow cobbled streets, old churches, small beaches, restaurants, cafes and shops.


rezzonicoThe romantic cobbled streets, stairways and with archways, the medieval castle and its position directly on the shores, make Rezzonico with one of the most popular villages of the municipality. The village dates back to the 12th century and the castle and the chapel of the Three Magi originates from that period. The Castello di Rezzonico was more like a fortification extended to the entire inhabited area. Today the castle is characterized by a tall medieval tower. The chapel of the Three Magi takes it name from the transit of the relics of the Magi when they transported from Milan to Cologne by Frederick Barbarossa.

Villa La Gaeta

Villa La GaetaAn other must-see attraction when you’re in San Siro, is Villa La Gaeta in the village of Acquaseria. The Art Nouveau villa was built in 1921 and was designed by Gino Coppede. The villa combines a medieval layout with Jugendstil elements. The collonaded portico, the arch entrance and exposed bricks are lightened by the Jugendstil decorations, light colours and the two towers that interrupt the linearity of the building. In 2006, some scenes of Casino Royale were filmed in the villa. In 2011 the villa was renovated and divided into several apartments for private use.

Other interesting sights

Other interesting places to visit are the 15th-century church of Santa Maria with paintings of Michelangelo Carminati and Sigismondo de Magistris, the 17th-century church of Sant’Abbondio (Acquaseria), the remains of Roman fortress in Santa Maria and the rock carvings in Soriano.

Hiking from Rezzonico to Menaggio

San Siro is a good base for hiking. There are trails between the villages of the commune and the Antica Strada Regina connects Rezzonico to Menaggio passing various picturesque old villages. The Antica Strada Regina is the old Roman road that ran from Cremona to Chiavenna passing Milan and the western shore of Lake Como.

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Photo San Siro and Rezzonico: Ronald1949 CC3.0
Photo Villa La Gaeta: Benreis CC3.0